City of Goldcrest

The city of Goldcrest has stood as long as it’s roughly 20,000 inhabitants can remember. This unique city is completely isolated from the rest of the world leaving many to wonder if any other civilizations even remain. Due to this isolation Goldcrest is an extremely diverse mix of human, dwarf, gnome, dragonborn, elf, half orc, and many combinations in-between. Thought to be established by a commissioned group of adventurers the city has transitioned into a highly functioning society

At the helm of the city are The High, a group of five individuals who specialize in different applicable areas. A small loyal group reports to each of the High. Most guards and military personnel are part of the High run PeaceKeeper group, while others are mercenaries.

Goldcrest is a fairly stable city. Lack of representation and specie related conflicts have traditionally been fuel for radical groups. Currently the High report no radical groups, but one needs only to travel to the right area to expose this lie.

The outlook for Goldcrest is currently positive.

City of Goldcrest

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